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We are also surprised to see he is ready for some work we thought he's not. He is very mature and proud in this environment compared to his "baby" attitude at home.

Atty Pong and Lyne Ponferrada (parents of Roman Ponferrada)

I was worried that he might cut himself (but he didn't). I need to trust that he can do it.

Nat Sumpaico (mom of Javi Sumpaico)

We enjoyed watching her work on the phonogram boxes because now we understand why she likes to write and read more now at home.

Chuck and Charisse Maceda(mom of Stella Maceda)

I really enjoyed watching him do all the work. He has matured so much since we started in Family Montessori. We will miss the vibrant, positive and fun energy of the work room (work environment) ) but am happy that he is ready to move on to Ateneo Grade 1 next year!

Tracy Lee (mom of Tyler Lee)

As parents, it is important for us to get to know each of our children's motivations and interests so we can ensure their effective learning and development. And as working parents, Family Montessori Preschool of Loyola has been our partner in finding out the motivations and interests of 3 of our 4 kids, and helped us build their learning foundation. It is in FMP we discovered the artist in our Arya and the drive and passion to learn in our Bella. We are now starting to learn more about our youngest Anna. Thank you Teacher Rose and all the FMP teachers and staff!

Dave and Terry Amorin (parents of Arya, Bella and Anna)

Montessori is where a child learns to love learning and develops his social skills. It's where timidity turns into confidence, inquisitiveness into creativity and naughtiness to discipline. From his simple ABC, he learns how to read. From his simple 123, he learns the wonders of math. It is the extended home of a child where he is nurtured and learns nurturing; where he is loved and learns how to love; where he is taken cared of and becomes caring; and where teachers become second parents and classmates become friends. Montessori is a place where learning is fun and not a burden at all. DAVID is all these and more for the past three years that he was in Family Montessori. We cannot thank you enough Teacher Rose and all the FMP Teachers and Staff. Continue to nurture a child's love for learning the Montessori way! Thank you!!!

Atty. Claire Virtudes-Babaran, mother of David

Mateo started in Family Montessori at 2 years and 8 months. We can say that his experience in the Montessori environment FMP has to offer really did well for his development. He was able to adjust from being a super hyper little boy to being able to now being able "quiet his body" when needed; from being overly attached to Mommy to being quite independent for someone his age. We also noticed that Mateo was able to develop his skills in reading and writing early on, as well as being able to do simple mathematics. And since he got a keen interest in the world map, he worked on this activity so diligently and can now identify so many different countries and all the continents. For Marco, we put him in FMP when he was a bit older. He started at 3 years and 2 months, so he was a bit more mature compared to Mateo. He adjusted very well when he started. His confidence was boosted and he is less shy now because he looks forward to going to school and working with his friends. The work that he loves doing is food prep, which he also insists on doing at home. He likes mixing his own juice and milk and preparing his own cheese sandwich. Even if he doesn't make it perfectly (in the eyes of an adult), we still let him do it because we love seeing him happy working on things he also works on in school. He is even so game to clean up his "mess" after, because that's exactly what they do in school. We are definitely so happy that Mateo and Marco are doing so well in Family Montessori, in terms of what they learn and also with socializing with their peers. We couldn't be more proud to see that what they have learned in their school environment, they can already apply even outside of school. We can't thank their class directresses enough for being so patient, warm and kind to Mateo and Marco, and to all the children in FMP.

Carissa Moran (mom of Mateo and Marco)

Many things impress me about FMP — its dedication to authentic Montessori education, its efficient, well-run learning environments, and the palpable passion of its staff. It truly stands out among the four different preschools and daycare facilities attended by my son, Diego, both here and abroad. But perhaps nothing impresses me more than the faith and high regard they have in and for children and their abilities. Children are not treated like babies here and are instead regarded as human beings — albeit miniature ones — who have much to contribute to and say about the world around them. I was struck by how my son would come home from school and engage me in surprisingly insightful conversations about current events like the death of Cory Aquino (and her role in the 1986 People Power Movement) or the devastation wrought by typhoon Ondoy. When I asked where he learned about these things he would answer, "At Family, of course!" Indeed, there is much to be said for a preschool that not only works to develop a child’s critical thinking skills in the contained world of the classroom but also helps him/her apply those same skills on the world at large.

Judy Ick, mom to Diego and Luis G.

I like FMP because I am very hard working and I think well and almost every day I wake up and go to school to work and learn more things for example a mammal has fur and skin. And the teachers know a lot. So that is why I am smart and hard working. Montessori is a very nice school and I will be in Montessori till grade 7. Although I will not be in Family Montessori for ever soon I will be in Centro Montessori grade school. There I will grow up to be an adult. It was such a great school year in Family Montessori but now I must move on to grade 1. But before I will move to a big school I will take a vacation.

(Child’s testimony)
Why I Like Family Montessori
By Diego G. Montessori Elementary Student

I believe that there are turning points in a person’s life; a figurative crossroad wherein one decision can completely tranform the way we perceive things, both for ourselves and the people we love. Being introduced to the Montessori method — and specifically, how the teachers at the Family Montessori Preschool of Loyola apply the principles of Maria Montessori in shaping young minds — is undoubtedly one of the best things to happen to my children. It sounds like a worn-out cliché, but words simply cannot describe how thankful my wife and I am for discovering FMPL. There are certainly many resources that can describe the Montessori method better, and in more detail. I have seen the learning approach first hand, tried my very best to understand its principles, and been guided accordingly by the incredibly competent teachers at FMPL. In my opinion, the Montessori method is absolutely the most groundbreaking and effective approach in educating children. That being said, I am certainly not an expert in child education or the teaching sciences. Furthermore, many will say I am biased, because my two children study in an authentic Montessori school. The only thing I can truly say I am an expert in is being a father to my son, Roj (5 years old as of this writing), and Andie (3 years old as of this writing). Their intellectual, behavioral, and social development has been nothing short of astounding, and we are convinced that being enrolled in FMPL is the foremost reason for this. Testimonials are expected to heave high praises and commendations on the subject matter being supported by it. In spite of this, if just one parent (hopefully more than that) reads this and decides to visit FMPL to chat with Teacher Rose and observe a class, then the purpose of writing this would have been fulfilled. My wife and I searched far and wide for the best authentic Montessori school, undergoing a methodical and impartial process of selection. Hands down, the winner was FMPL.

Alan German for Roj and Andie
Montessori Elementary Students 2010-05-22


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