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Family Montessori Preschool of Loyola offers a 3-year pre-elementary curriculum with the following areas of learning:

Practical Life Exercises that promote mind and body coordination, control and refinement of basic movements, and develop focus and attention. These exercises in movement, self-help, care of the environment and grace and courtesy capture the preschool child’s natural interest and innate desire to participate in the affairs of the world around him, transforming these exercises into purposeful activities which build good habits for exploration and learning which extends to the home and even to the larger, more conventional learning environment.


Sensorial Development Exercises are didactic materials that enhance and enrich visual-motor, auditory, tactile, olfactory, gustatory and three-dimensional (stereognostic) perceptions. Sensorial materials give the child the power to come into contact with his/her world through the use of all his/her available faculties. Only with the guidance of a trained directress, sensorial materials can develop a child’s keen attention for details, order and sequence….essential foundations for acquiring language and math skills.


Language Exercises on vocabulary enrichment, language training, letter sound and alphabet association, word building/composition, comprehension, expressive writing and reading. The Montessori language curriculum provides a range of indirect and direct experiences in the meaningful acquisition and use of language, both in English and the vernacular.


Math Exercises on the basic concepts of 0-10, tens and teens, the decimal system and four math operations. Developmentally appropriate, the Montessori Math curriculum places a prime on concrete and meaningful learning of Math concepts with the sensorial materials as its foundation.


Cultural Arts Exercises covering selected concepts of Biology, History and Geography. These materials “bring the world to the child” and exposes his/her to various topics of interest from which to select, pursue and promote his/her inclinations.


Spiritual Exercises for the development of a fundamental relationship with God, nurturing and appreciating relationships with fellow human beings and nature. The exercise of silence allows the child a profound realization of self and promotes intra-personal awareness as he/she develops into the person he/she is to become.

Music, Movement and Art Exercises for self-expression and creativity. Action Singing, dancing, movement exercises and the arts provide opportunities for your child to express his/her own uniqueness and “create” using his/her body. The child realizes the wonderful potentials of his/her body and grows in loving appreciation of it.



Family Montessori Preschool of Loyola runs on a regular June-March school year, with separate summer classes offered in April and May. However, because the Montessori approach is highly personalized, your child may enter at any time during the school year.

In this way, valuable learning moments are not wasted waiting for another semester or a year. When your child joins us, he/she will be presented and guided through materials and learning activities that meet his/her own level of learning and development.

Classes are grouped vertically (2 ½ - 6 year old), with various opportunities for spontaneous and vicarious learning. Aside from the directress as the sole source of learning, children gain valued insights from watching each other work. Vertical grouping is characteristic of the Montessori approach in recognition of the fact that children have different rates in physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development and thus are more sensibly treated as individuals rather than lumped as a chronological age group.

Parent-school communication is facilitated through periodic written update reports sent by the class directress. Twice a year, parents are invited to sit through individual parent-teacher conferences with their child’s directress and the school head.



We offer the following programs:

3-hour Montessori program (2½ - 6 years of age)
Morning session: 8:00 – 11:00 a.m.
Afternoon session: 12:30 – 3:30 p.m.

7-hour Extended Day program (4½ - 6 years of age)
8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

  • Regular Extended Day Program (R-EDP)
    Prepares the child for enrollment in a traditional elementary school. Simulates learning in a regular classroom setting. Children experience lectures/whiteboard instruction, workbooks and task sheets, recitation, writing quizzes, and tests, and other classroom activities. R-EDP also prepares the child for entrance exams in traditional schools, and facilitates adjustment to a “big school” setting.
  • Montessori Extended Day Program (M-EDP)
    Prepares the child for advanced Montessori work. Some children, at the age of 4½, are already ready for more advanced work in areas such as Mathematics, Language, and Cultural Arts that are currently tackled in his/her morning sessions. Also, opportunities for more hands-on activities such as experimentation, creative writing, research projects, dramatization, extensive arts and crafts and even cooking, complement the Montessori activities similar to what they encounter in a Montessori elementary school.
  • We invite you to visit our school and observe our classes. We will be more than happy to share with you essential information about Family Montessori Preschool of Loyola.


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