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On this same site, in 1989, Alben and Millyn Bartolome founded the Family Montessori Preschool (FMP), based on their insight and conviction that the preschool child can best develop his/her potential self only when his/her learning activities involve the close collaborative efforts of his/her teacher and parents. And so, for 13 years, FMP has given this to many a preschool child, a reputable and commendable preschool, all in the spirit and method of the Montessori approach.

Now, Family Montessori Preschool of Loyola carries on from Family Montessori Preschool and shares with it this same vision and mission for the preschool child.

FAMILY, because we believe…
The family is the domestic Church
The family is the foundation of the nation
The family is the primary educational unit in society, with parents as the primary teachers of the child
Family life enrichment is an essential support program to the child’s growth

MONTESSORI, because we believe…
The Montessori principles of respect for the child’s person – his/her unique rhythm and pace, as well as the importance of free choice in the development, socially adept and happy child

The Montessori method of “helping the child to help himself” enables the child to take active responsibility as a member of his family and the community. The Montessori prepared environment - the “third” important factor, which serves as the “second home” for the child to flourish in

PRESCHOOL, because we believe…
The first years of a child’s life constitute the most critical period for his/her self-development
A child-centered prepared environment best enables a 2 ½ to 6-year-old child to learn basic concepts, skills, attitudes and values

We at Family Montessori Preschool of Loyola seek to form with the child and his/her family a community of families who learn and grow together in caring for and sharing with each other.


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